Total Physical Response (TPR) and other activities for regular and volunteer teachers of English

On this homepage you can get ideas on how to add more variation to your lessons. The material covers two areas:
TPR (Total Physical Response) and pedagogical songs.
It’s possible to download all the material on this page.

1. An introduction to the use of TPR

FILM: Watch a film about different ways of using TPR
If you have access to Microsoft WORD you are better off downloading the WORD document because it gives you the possibility to edit the lists of the TPR instructions in the document.
WORD document: TPR an introduction and lists of instructions
PDF: TPR, an introduction and list of instructions

2. Songs (with lyrics to learn grammar and/or vocabulary)

Karaoke films with songs
The songs here are not just songs. They all contain useful grammar and/or vocabulary. At the end of the videos you will also find a cloze test based on the lyrics. Your simply stop the video and tell your students to write down the lyrics.

Do you want to sing a song? The do-construction
I am, you are, he is The present tense of the verb be
The Alphabet (with American pronunciation of z)
Did you see her? Questions and answers with two irregular verbs
Go went gone Conjugate 8 irregular verbs
In the morning I have breakfast Vocabulary for daily activities
Where are you?

Click here if you want to download the films.

Sound files with songs
If you don´t have access to a big screen in your classrooms you can download the sound files (using Chrome) and play the songs on your mobile using a separate blue tooth speaker.

01 Do you want to sing a song? (Melody: London bridge has fallen down)
02 I am, you are, he is (Melody: My darling Clementine)
03 Where are you? (Melody: Brother Jacob)
04 Did you see her? (Melody: My darling Clementine)
05 The alphabet (Melody: Brother Jacob)
06 In the morning
07 Go went gone

PDF: Lyrics to all the songs for use on a big screen from a laptop

If you are a volunteer looking for new ideas, perhaps this film can inspire you:

Film: From classrooms in Ethiopia

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